Monday, October 29, 2007

A Question of Stitch

Hi Log Cabin-ers! I'm going to repost this pic from my blog with a question for all of you:

This particular Log Cabin is done in single crochet with a size F needle. The stitch is tight, and as a result the drape is rather stiff, but it shows the colors (Rowan Cotton Glace) to great effect. I tried another swatch in half double crochet, and achieved much better drape, but the open stitches don't do justice to the colors. What do you think? Worse drape, better colors, or better drape and compromised colors? It's a real puzzle.

I'm making up my pattern as I go, based on the principles in the Mason Dixon Knitting book for a knit log cabin. I really do believe you can wing it.


mrswade said...

Could you switch hook size in order to produce a better drape? I know that would still result in a more open look and might not show off the colors as well, but it might work as a compromise. Also, consider that as it gets bigger, as you use it, and as you wash it, the finished piece is bound to "loosen up" a bit. At least mine always does.

tonya said...

I would compromise and do the sc with a size larger hook to help the drape. Also, it depends on the final size. With your one block (or small block) it will feel much more stiff than it will be when it's blanket size.) I personally use hdc, as I like the way that stitch looks, and one size smaller hook, because I tend to crochet loose anyway. I have a photo here:

Leah said...

Thanks! Both of you had very good suggestions--and tonya, I love your log cabin!