Sunday, February 17, 2008

Update on my progress

OK all, I'm depressed. My physical therapy has been going well, but I've still not been given the clearance to crochet yet. Great, the one activity that truly relaxes me, is still so close yet out of reach. I'm still regularly attending my S&B because I'm the most experienced stitcher and the founder of the group. It's not been easy to attend and not crochet. How are all of you doing? How are the log cabins coming along?


Nancy said...

How much longer do you have on your PT? I couldn't crochet for 6 weeks once and I thought I'd go nuttier than my family already says I am! lol

Big hugs to you!

I have a great start on my LC ghan. I'll be getting back to it one day this week I hope. It's very soothing I've found to work on. I'm doing it in hdc and 5 dif colors. I'll post a pic of it today later.

mrswade said...

As to how much more PT, your guess is as good as mine. Right now my family doctor authorized 4 more weeks (3 visits a week). I'm doing exercises, working with a thera cane, and just got a TENS unit. I don't know how much longer. But if this continues to go on I might have to hide in my closet and sneak a few rows! It's a good thing I've never tried drugs. I think that would be a very bad thing for me!