Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Log Cabin-y purse

Another crazy Log Cabin bag. LC's are my very favorite thing to do with fabrics. Love seeing each one take on its own little personality. These are all quilted and this is the most comfortable bag, just like a favorite cotton quilt.


Anonymous said...

Your bags are beautiful and so is the photography! Great work all around. I love quilting--I think it's great. Someday when I catch up on all my knitting and crochet projects I may try it. (That day may never come, though *sniff, sniff*)

mrswade said...


Do you deliberately plan the crookedness or do you just sew your seam and decide the angle of the next seam based on that? Do you sew the project all at once or do you have a plan in mind? And if you do, what is that plan?