Monday, March 3, 2008

Blue and Brown bag update

In response to Mrs. Wade's post on my blue and brown bag:

Here is my method: I unfold all the unwashed fat quarters (or fabrics) and layer them in a stack. The edges don't need to be even or anything, just so they're roughly stacked up. I grab scissors and start at one end just cutting strips of assorted (and unmeasured) widths. I like the craziness of it all and it is so easy of course because there is nothing to line up or match. Just so there is enough for the seam allowance. Sometimes I use one fabric for all 4 sides, so the block forms concentric squares (like the yellow tote bag a few days ago) and sometimes I just grab a strip and use it until it's gone then start another. I sew little pieces together if I need to make a strip longer and there isn't anything long left. I do quilt as I go, meaning I am actually stitching them onto the batting (in this case, fleece), just like you would if you were using muslin as a backer. I had no particular plans for this one, except that it would be a bag. I was thinking I would do another large one, like the yellow, but once I finished the 4 squares, I thought they made a good size with 2 front and 2 back, so that is what I went with. I sewed them together, made handles from leftover strips and attached them. Made the lining and attached it. Then decided it needed a zipper, so I added that in too.

I love log cabins, they are my very favorite design, so even if I don't have much time, if I'm feeling the need to create something, I'll grab scraps and just start sewing them together. I save them all and they find their way into different projects over time.

SO, yes, you could say it is intentional, but I don't plan it out first. I kinda design as I go and am more a problem solver (as they occur) than a plan-it-out-first person.

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