Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Log Cabin

Hi Log Cabiners!

My name is Jennifer aka Kounting Sheep. I came across this blog a couple months ago through either Granny-Along or No-End-In-Sight-Ripple-Along (I can't remember which one now!). I'm new to Log Cabin style, but not new to knitting or crocheting; I've been crocheting for nine years and knitting for three.

I don't have a picture yet, but I just wanted to post. I'm so excited because I finished my sister's Christmas present an hour ago tonight, which happened to be a crocheted Log Cabin blanket. The colors I used were green, yellow, blue, purple, and pink in not-pastely-but-not-too-bright shades. I plan on taking pictures tomorrow in the daylight, so I'll post as soon as I have those done. I also have another Log Cabin blanket in progress. It is individual log cabin squares in shades of pink that are sewn together to create a geometric pattern. I'm about halfway done on that one, so I'll try to post pictures of that one too!

Thanks for letting me join!

Kounting Sheep

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