Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thanks for inviting quilters!

Hi everyone! I was glad to see the invite for quilters. My two real passions are quilting which I have enjoyed for almost 30 years now, and crochet which I have been doing much more recently. My gram taught me how to make granny squares back in the 70s and those were very easy for me to learn. But for whatever reason I just couldn't get the hang of regular crochet. I tried and tried and did make a few thing but was never at ease with it like I was with quilting. Last fall I happened upon the ripple and granny alongs and they opened up a whole new crochet world for me. Of course I found may other wonderful blogs of crocheters. Seeing all the great things everyone was making inspired (forced) me to work and practice until I finally got it. I started a ripple afghan, have been making more granny squares, did some crochet winter scarves and made a few little amigurumi characters. I just love finally being able to crochet. With this new year I'm going to try out the log cabin, either one big log cabin afghan or the small blocks sewn into a big afghan.

The quilt block above is actually called a quarter square log cabin. I'm planning to use the mile a minute quilting technique. The blocks have been sewn into 3 long strips and put together with backing and batting. Now I'm going to machine quilt each strip then sew them together and do a little hand work to finish off and hide the seams. I've made a few other regular log cabins but those were donated to local childrens charities. Got in such a hurry to finish and get them to quilt guild for delivery that I forgot to take photos.

Hope I'll be posting soon with some log cabin crochet to show. The wonderful thing about crochet versus quilting is that when you crochet, both back and front are done at the same time except for tying in the ends. Instant gratification of finishing something. We all need that once in a while. With quilting you finish the top but it still has to be assembled and quilted. Still, I'm really happy when I'm doing either.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on!

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