Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Log Cabin Block

Hi everyone! Finally my first log cabin square. I joined Fever at its start but had to think for a while what I might want to do and what I was able to do. I browsed the patterns here at the sight and chose the Crochet Collection Log Cabin. Being a quilter also( posted a photo of the 1/4 square log cabin I'd recently made, earlier), I kinda wanted to make something like a quilt for my first log cabin afghan. This pattern is perfect. When I have enough squares done I'll pick one of the log cabin quilt layouts and put it together. The great thing about this square is when your done your done. All the yarn ends are crocheted over at the beginning row of each color. All I have to do is weave the squares together and it's done. I love it! When I'm making a quilt and finish the top there is still putting the layers together, basting, quilting, binding the edges. Quilting is great, but my learning how to crochet is giving it some real competition. I'm working on a ripple(about 3/4 done) and doing some granny squares also. I tried a 1/4 square granny log cabin. which I was able to do but I didn't choose the right colors. Used light to dark shades of red which seemed to work, but when photographed the colors all ran togeather. So rip out and start over again using better color choices. I also want to try the single big log cabin afghan that a lot of you are making. At least this square worked out to look 1/2 dark and 1/2 light like I hoped so I have confidence to do more.

The quilt block and quilt pictured are not mine, but examples of what I hoped to follow with my crochet.

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mrswade said...

I like this square. I think you've got a great start going. Are you going to do all your blocks the same? What type of yarn are you using?