Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let's get the word out

Anyone got any great ideas for pushing more traffic over here? My first thought is to use Ravelry, but I'm certain that's not the only way to recruit. What ideas do the rest of you have?


Nancy said...

How about promoting them on our personal blogs with a catchy icon or something? I know I gave up my try, but just this week got a new afghan booklet that has a fantastic log cabin in it and I want to start again.

Count me in!!

mrswade said...

I like that idea. I just need some help in making it happen. Anyone care to give me a tutorial?

Nancy said...

Is there an icon or avatar that we can use and then just a catchy phrase should do it. I'll even put it in my signatures in my bb's that I own so that it will get promoted there as well.

mrswade said...


Can you post your buttons again?