Saturday, November 10, 2007


Ribbit. Ribbit. I think I'm going to be frogging mine too. I not only didn't love the color combination I had going, but I don't think I care for the sc either. Strange how I haven't learned from anyone else's posts. Maybe I'll try the half double, or maybe just stick with my standard double. It's all RHSS or the equivalent. Is anyone else doing random color choices or do you all have certain colors you're sticking with?


Nancy said...

I'm also doing mine from random yarn selection. It is all RHSS as well. I'm hoping to restart mine this week sometime. I have another ghan I have going at the same time. lol

Good luck!!

Deb said...

I've got a limited number of colors in ye olde stash, so it'll likely be six of those. I haven't decided whether to scramble the order yet. Hell, I haven't even decided whether to do this in one big piece or to make more manageable squares yet. :D

I'd go with dc, probably. RHSS is sturdy enough for it, I think...