Wednesday, November 7, 2007

*waves hello*

I just got started and I'm excited! I've been thinking about doing a crocheted log cabin for a while and this was just the inspiration I needed! I'm also a brand new knitter, and so I decided to knit it instead. By the time I'm done it should be second nature, I'd think. :-) I have a ton of stashed RHSS that needs to be worked up and this seemed like a good use for it, too. Darn yarn diet. LOL. I'm just making it up as I go along, following the basic recipe from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Anyway, first pictures after I've had a chance to take some. Just wanted to drop in and say hello and thanks for having me!


mrswade said...

I am the queen of stashing RHSS. And I'm on a yarn diet too. Trying to slim down! :)

Nancy said...

RHSS is what I'm using as well! I have SO MANY leftover skeins and partial skeins as I usually buy one more than needed 'just in case'. LOL

Can't wait to see it!