Saturday, November 24, 2007

Log Cabin it

Well, progress on the log cabin has been halted for a few reasons. Yarn shortage being one of them. Requests for my skills on PAID projects being the other. I've been asked to make several scarves. And business could branch out from here. Anyone got any serious experience with successfully selling stuff on etsy? Deb, I know you do.


Deb said...

I'd be happy to chat about Etsy. I'm a bit of an evangelist, though. Developing a reputation for trying to bully people into opening shops. I'm evil like that. :D

Are you using RHSS for the log cabin? Because I'm sure I have at least one completely random color I could send your way, if you'd like.

mrswade said...

Bully me. Please. Convince me that this is something I should do. Or something that I should stay completely out of because there are way too many people already selling the types of things I can make!

I'm using RHSS or its equivalent. Basically I use whatever I can get my hands on. Before you send anything my way, let me go through my stash and pull out anything that I have enough of to complete a chunk. I'll see where I'm at from there.

Deb said...

Sorry about the extremely delayed responses. It's even more of a zoo than normal around here this week. Toddlers + random virus - sleep = ugh! I'll e-mail you about the Etsy thing. Tomorrow, when I'm awake. :D

mrswade said...

That's a much better idea than tomorrow while you're asleep! :)